Down By The Sea

Where the watermelons grow, on the train to Dover, I can’t wait to go, but if I do, my mother will say-ay: Did you ever have a chippie, next to a hippie, down by the bay!

Wednesday we went to Dover. It was beautiful and windy. I left my hotel with perfectly curled and bouncy hair and left dover with flat, tangled hair in a pony. It was fantastic!

We walked up to Dover Castle from the train station, taking the path less traveled. It was straight up. My calves are going to look awesome after this trip! It was a killer.

On the way up we took some fun photos.

Dover castle is abounding with history, from William the Conquerer to WWII. There was a special event happening today. They were filming the history of the castle from King Henry II’s time. It was all decorated for the filming and filmed with actors from the time period. They were a crack up. A bunch of kids got to serve the king, the kitchen had a disgruntled husband and wife, horses were prepared for battle. So fun!

We also took some cool pictures in the castle.

Later we went to a local fish and chip shop. We met some fun locals- some sober and some not. They were hilarious! We learned more about Dover and London and their local ways. Why they call the sea the sea, and not any other term. We also showed them how silly and sometimes unclassy we Americans can be.

Lastly, we walked to the sea, the Dover Straight, the Dover Channel, or the English Channel, whatever is your preference, and ate our most delicious fish and chips on the rocky sea. We were nearly attacked by seagulls who were dying for a bite of our dinner.

Good times.


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