No Lion Around!!!

It’s the new year, and along with half the world, or more, I too have made a few resolutions. The amazing thing is I’m actually keeping them this year! Woo hoo!!! One very important change I’m making in my life is to be present in the today.

In retrospect I see last year as being busy serving everyone around me- everyone but my family that is. I can hear myself telling my kids to hold on, just a minute, this has to be done NOW.

Finally Christmas came and I got sick- actually I think my body just shut down from doing too much. Ever had that one happen? Well, it happened to me and I’ve had some time to think I need something different in my life. First order of business was to realize I need to schedule my family time. Sounds sad, but there it is. So I told Tony to mark a certain day as unavailable because we were going out. Somewhere. Doing  something. It was to be determined…

Well, I knew what I wanted to do, but kept that as a surprise. Can you guess?


We went to the zoo. Our zoo isn’t the best, but it is ours, and it’s as fun as you want to make it.

The kids took pictures of animals.

I took pictures of kids.

One thing we still need to work on is sticking together as a family. Poor Jack can’t walk yet, so Tony’s just pushing him along as fast as he can, then waiting for us to catch up. We weren’t together at any time during the day because as soon as I’d catch up he’d take off to the next animal.

We are so different!

But it was nice to realize that and work on making some changes.

The kids had fun, as expected. I had a blast. We laughed, made silly faces, and I loved every second. These days are the best!