A Special Day

If you are LDS, as we are, 8 is a special age. A most important age. It’s the time in your life that you get baptized. You’re now accountable for all your actions. As long as you make good choices you also get to have the Holy Ghost with you always. So many great blessings, for the child as well as the family.


Luckily she picked out my favorite dress of the bunch. Simple and lovely.


Poor thing has pink eye, if you didn’t notice. She was miserable.


Spunky girl.


Some of Scarlet’s cousins were able to come support her.


Lovely family shot.


Ah yes, that’s more like it.


Scarlet got to be baptized with her best friend (they’ve been best friends since before they were born) in July.

We are so proud of the choices you are making Scarlet!!!

xoxo Mom & Dad


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