Searching for Tadpoles

It doesn’t rain very often around here, but when it does it sounds like we live in the middle of a frog farm. I don’t know where they come from, but they are here in masses. The kids always like to go out the next morning and look for frogs and tadpoles.


Matt idolizes our neighbors son. He knows everything, according to Matt. So of course he was all ears learning how to catch tadpoles.


This one is my favorite.



I love curious boys.


Party Like a Rock Star!!!

Official birthday parties around here are only on EVEN birthdays. So because this is number eight for Miss Scarlet, and because she is a rock star with her very own rock band, that was the perfect theme for the party.


We set up a stage, played fun music videos, invited the coolest girls in town to join in on the fun, and danced all night long! Here are just a few of our favorites:_1010238









Girls parties are the best!

A Special Day

If you are LDS, as we are, 8 is a special age. A most important age. It’s the time in your life that you get baptized. You’re now accountable for all your actions. As long as you make good choices you also get to have the Holy Ghost with you always. So many great blessings, for the child as well as the family.


Luckily she picked out my favorite dress of the bunch. Simple and lovely.


Poor thing has pink eye, if you didn’t notice. She was miserable.


Spunky girl.


Some of Scarlet’s cousins were able to come support her.


Lovely family shot.


Ah yes, that’s more like it.


Scarlet got to be baptized with her best friend (they’ve been best friends since before they were born) in July.

We are so proud of the choices you are making Scarlet!!!

xoxo Mom & Dad

The Pirate’s Birthday


We’ve got a special tradition at our house for birthdays.

We sneak into the bedroom, nice and early. A big shout of “Happy Birthday” fills the air. (This little guy is pretending sleep, can’t you tell?)


Of course the Birthday girl/boy is completely surprised, jumping out of bed with all the commotion.


We do a little dance. Well, he does.


Then we are awarded a very lovely birthday hat. This year since we are pirates, it’s an authentic pirate hat.



Later that day all our family shows up for dinner and cake and ice cream. Nani made these delicious treats. Pirate ships!!!





Happy Birthday Baby.

Disclaimer: this post is about 3 months late. I’m pregnant, been sick as a dog, and am now just getting around to these important things in life.