Happy Birthday Scarlet!!!

Scarlet’s 8th birthday was this week. I can’t believe she’s already 8! You feel your age as your children get older, let me tell you…


Eight is a special year, you know. When you are eight you are officially a “tween.” All that means is that you are beginning to act moody like a teenager, but only some of the times rather than all of the time. You also are ready for makeup and other fun grown up girly things. This has been going on in our house for the past few months already. It’s interesting… 

We started our day by blowing horns and screaming “Happy Birthday” to Scarlet, waking her up at an early 7:30 am. She was crowned with her special birthday hat- a cowgirl hat,  and decked out in all these jewels. 

Our day was super fun. We started out early at the movie theatre. We saw Ice Age 3. It was the first show, so really we were the first on the west coast to see it. Aren’t we lucky!


Scarlet’s bestest friend in the whole world came with us. Did you know they have been friends since birth? Scarlet was late, and Kalei was early. 7 days apart. We like to say that they couldn’t stand being apart in heaven, so they arranged it that way. They are great friends and we love her to pieces! 


Of course Matt was with us. He loved Ice Age 3. He mimicked about half of the movie, and has started using some wonderful words. Now why movies for kids have to have words like “stupid” in them is beyond me. More than that- I’m annoyed. 

Moving on…

Scarlet’s Nani and Abuelo came for dinner, along with our best friends and their families. Scarlet got to pick dinner- My Famous Pasta, of course. It was good as always. The cake was another story all together. It basically nearly fell over. It was really humid, we had chocolate buttercream frosting, the house was warm from all the cooking that began at 2:00 in the afternoon. It tasted good though. That’s the most important part. 


As she’s opening her gifts she’s begun saying really silly things and making really silly faces. Maybe not silly… goofy might be a more appropriate word.


Why is it at this age they all begin acting a little weird. Like doing these goofy faces in front of a mirror and perfecting them so she can do them at the dinner table.



And talking herself in circles while the rest of us are ready to scream “Get to the point!!!” It’s a delightful time, really. I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Happy birthday baby.