Mommy-Daughter Day

Today was a big day for Scarlet. 


Today she got to go shopping for a Baptism dress.


We’ve been shopping for a dress online for weeks now, but since they say she’s a size 5, when here she’s in a size 7/8 I thought it would be a good thing to try dresses on. Scarlet concurred. 

Scarlet used to hate shopping- that’s definitely not too strong of a word in this case. But now, she’s in in her element.


Here’s a pop quiz: What’s a girl to do when faced with 50 dresses that you like?




The answer???  Try them all on. 


This one we liked because of the ruffles. And the horizontal lines. All those layers! She loved them.


This one we liked because of the horizontal lines, and for the fabric. No sleeves though, but that could be arranged.


This one we liked for the fabric, the sleeves, and the trim at the waist.


Again the lines. This one also has a cute trim at the neckline. I didn’t get a picture from behind, but it’s got a massively huge rose on the back. If you didn’t know, Scarlet loves all things roses. It is her middle name, so of course it’s perfect for her.


She’s thinking about it, but how do you choose just one?


Well, she chose one. It’s a surprise though! It’s on order, in a size 5 if you can believe that! 

You shall see soon enough!!!